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Sculpting Air - A Whole-Person Approach to Songwriting

Songwriters use time and sound to sculpt the air. “The painter has the canvas, the writer has the page and the filmmaker has the screen. In music, time is our canvas and sound is our brush.” “Sculpting Air” will show you how to use air (an old word for melody), lyrics, rhythm and harmony to move through time and connect with the listener in the invisible space where music lives.

The author reveals how songwriting taps into all parts of ourselves, and takes a “whole-person” approach to the craft - from managing creativity to writing lyrics to recording. Knowing when to conjure up the muse, silence our inner critic, listen to our heart or simply go for a walk can be key to both starting and finishing songs, and this often-overlooked balancing act is a thread that runs through this book. 

“Sculpting Air” also features contributions from two well-known hit songwriters, Jason Blume and Victoria Banks.

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Bob’s Book of Music Theory

I wrote “Bob’s Book of Music Theory” (“La théorie musicale selon Bob” en français) to make theory accessible to anyone – beginners or even professionals who need to fill in some knowledge gaps, and it’s filled with anecdotes from the musical trenches.



J’ai écrit ce livre pour une raison; pour inciter des gens qui voudraient tourner leur regard autrement, vers la théorie musicale.

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