Solo Albums

Une Touche Manouche


Une touche Manouche, a tip of the hat, to the Bohemian jazz of Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli. This suite of 4 songs suggests a musical hero's journey: Pas de soucis: No worries, all is well for an untroubled and unlikely hero. Le défi se présente: Conflict appears and the hero is deeply challenged. Tribulations: The hero is tested to the limits of their maximum threshold. L'amour triomphe: In the end, love (including self-love, courage and truth) is the power that leads to victory. A call-out to the creatives: I'd love to see this music used for a dance/skating/movement piece (or something I haven’t thought of), and would be honoured if you used this music to tell your story. ____________________________________________________________ Une touche Manouche, une pointe de chapeau, au jazz bohème de Django Reinhardt et Stéphane Grappelli. Cette suite de 4 chansons propose le parcours d'un héros musical: Pas de soucis: Tout va bien pour un héros tranquille et improbable. Le défi se présente: Le conflit apparaît et le héros est profondément interpellé. Tribulations: Le héros est testé dans les limites de son seuil maximum. L'amour triomphe: En fin de compte, l'amour (y compris l'amour de soi, le courage et la vérité) est le pouvoir qui mène à la victoire. Pour les créatifs du monde entier, j'aimerais voir cette musique utilisée pour une pièce de danse/patinage/mouvement, et je serais honoré si vous la mettiez en mouvement. Album Credits/Crédits d’album : Robert Walsh: composition; guitar(e); réalisation/production. Josh McHan: bass(e). Daniel Gervais: violin/violon

Collaborator/Producer – For Others

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with some very inspiring people over the years as a Songwriter, Producer, Composer, Musical Director and Performer. These are some folks you need to know about.

Andrea Menard is top of the list. Andrea is my soul-sister, and the list of things we have done together (including 4 Albums, a CBC Movie of the Week, a Christmas Special, a Symphony show of our music, several commissioned songs) is extensive and could take up this entire website. So go visit hers! Andrea is a visionary and was gifted with more than just a unique voice, acting talent and good looks.  She’s changing the planet and I’m going with her!

Post Script is a unique bilingual trio that was formed by three of my former students, Paul Cournoyer, Stephanie Blais and Braden Treble. They are so polite they let their old teacher share a co-write on a few of their songs. Check them out:

Sean Sonego is an ultra talented singer-songwriter I met teaching at MacEwan University, where he was a student. When he’s not rocking out, he’s doing humanitarian work abroad or at home, and one song we wrote was for a YMCA World Youth initiative. We wrote his last CD, and he recorded it in L.A with Producer Bill Bell.

Stephen Maguire grew up in Belfast and now walks the streets of Saskatoon. Stephen is a great singer and has a huge heart and a ready laugh. He’s helped to raise money in Saskatchewan for a variety of humanitarian causes and you can hear this compassion in his music. I’ve co-written 5 songs with Stephen, 4 of which he has released, and 2 of which I will be releasing. 

Marie-Josée Ouimet is a driving force in the Franco-Albertan music scene as a singer, teacher and choir director. I’ve produced her 3 albums, co-written a number of songs with her and had the honour of sharing the stage with Marie-Josée locally and nationally.

Robyne Walters has sung in New Thought centres for years, and finally bowed to the pressure from a growing number of her fans, who wanted her to record a CD, damnit.  I was lucky enough to produce the album and I co-wrote a couple of the songs too.


Some other fine folks I’ve worked with you should check out:

Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (regular guitarist), Edmonton Opera Society, Alberta Ballet, Edmonton Jazz Orchestra, La Chorale St. Jean, The Pointer Sisters, The Canadian Tenors, Tom Cochrane, Renée Fleming, Petula Clark, Denzal Sinclaire, Ellis Hall (Tower of Power), Don Rickles, George Canyon, Johnny Reid, Rickie Byars-Beckwith, Daniel Lavoie, Bob McGrath, Tammy Weiss, Paul Gross, Victoria Banks, Ike Willis (F. Zappa), Ed Mann (F. Zappa), Tommy Banks, Delhi to Dublin, Sierra Noble, Nathalie Ladouceur, Andrea Lyndsay, Carly Rae Jepsen, Robert Léger, Brad Johner, Asani, Shari Ulrich, Michael Kaeshammer, Duane Steele, Luck Mervil, Crystal Plamondon, John Wort Hannam, Mark Mallett, Donny Parenteau, Dawn Chubai, Ian Hunter, Roy Young, René Simard, Johnny Farago, Renée Martel, Les Super-Classels, Tyler Connolly, Jully Black, Lorne Cardinal, Artist Response Team, Vicki Gray, Rod Erickson, Eli Barsi, Mario Chénart, Tracy Millar, Nathan Berg, Yao, Beverly Mahood, Claude Blanchard, Annette Campagne, Nadia Gaudet, Daniel ROA, Alexis Normand, Angie Tysseland, Jess Lee, Memory Lane, Kaya LaFlamme, Amy Bishop, Gary Lynn Floyd, Nathen Aswell, Jana Stanfield, Lisa Ferarro & Erika Luckett, Prairie Dog Productions, Shadow Theatre, l’Unithéatre, Citadel Theatre, Troupe du jour, National Arts Centre, National Music Centre, University of Alberta Musical Theatre, Coptor Productions, Red Letter Films, Patenaude Productions, Great West Productions, Aquila Productions, The Sound Lounge, and Local Heroes such as: Sandro Dominelli, Andrew Glover, Ann Vriend, Diana Stabel, Zappacosta, Chris Andrew, The Nomads, Audioluxe, Dave Babcock, Joel Gray, Don Berner, Jerrold Dubyk, Ronald Tremblay, Pierre Sabourin, Raphael Freynet, Ariane Mahryke Lemire, Jamie Callan, Lise Villeneuve, Tracy Gauthier, Maureen Chambers, Charlotte Wiebe, Carlene Friesen, Tony Solo, Lori Biamonte, Anna Beaumont, Cristian Murillo, Jason Kodie, Chris Wynters, Mireille Moquin, Joel Lavoie, Bobby Cameron, Neil Mac, Mark Sterling, Dan Sinasac, Dylan Farrell, Al Brant, Shelley Jones…